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Here at Galaxy Outdoor, we are always looking for new talent. We are currently looking for individuals that can meet our criteria for the following positions:


Sales Designer - Behind every kitchen, there's a sales designer that designs and coordinates the delivery and installation of every project. Preferred skills include: General sales experience, proficiency in Microsoft office, and familiarization with 3-D design programs (Sketch-Up, pool studio, etc.), dependable transportation is required.

Welder Quality is our priority when it comes to our islands, skilled welders and fabricators are the backbone of the operation. We are looking for experienced MIG/TIG Welder Specialist, Metal Fabricator to perform welding and fabricating duties in accordance to company standards. 

Installation Specialist - Presentation is key to a satisfied customer. Installing and applying the final touches is where the entire project comes together. Preferred skills include: Attention to details, general construction knowledge, familiarization with plumbing connections, and able to work outdoors.



To apply for the above positions, please download the application in the link below:

Galaxy Outdoor Employment Application


Fill out and you can submit your application through the following methods:


Email to:


Note: Typical response time for employment applications is 1 standard business week.

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